Esterina arrives every day on the back of her son’s bicycle (provided by Hands of Mercy). She could walk – and does – barefoot and using a big stick for balance because polio has robbed her use of the other withered foot. Esterina has 3 children and no husband, so was unfortunately used to getting her food – and money – from the streets of the market. She never learned to read or write until Hands of Mercy taught her to write her name—and she is beginning to read My First Catechism not just words, but the Word of Eternal life. One day Esterina was left at Hands of Mercy and while we had to go to the market, we asked her to go along. A new dress was in the planning but once found, Esterina wanted shoes (flip flops are the norm) to go with it. She spied some red sandals with white flowers and laces to travel up the legs. He tried one on her good foot, then motioned for the other one too. The shopkeeper nervously looked at us but smiling, we nodded for the other sandal for her withered foot. The smile on Esterina’s face told us she was getting her Cinderella slippers: and thankfully we could tell her how Christ has made us all Cinderellas.

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